ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry

Award for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Analytical Chemistry

For an individual who through professional service in activities such as teaching, writing, research, and administration has substantially and uniquely enhanced the field of analytical chemistry.

Nominations should present evidence for one or more of the following outstanding accomplishments:

  • Enhance the positive perception of analytical chemistry in the public eye
  • Foster the development of analytical chemistry research in academic institutions, government laboratories, or in private industries.
  • Develop and implement programs that benefit the analytical community. These can be but are not limited to efforts within the Division of Analytical Chemistry or within the American Chemical Society
  • Advance and promote the careers of analytical chemists in any area of employment
  • Play a central role in improving the way analytical chemistry is practiced role in the use of chemical instrumentation.

This Award consists of a plaque and $2500. The latter may be used to help defray travel expenses associated with the recipient's participation in the Division's award ceremony (typically held at the ACS fall National Meeting each year) which are not covered separately by the Division.

Note: Thie following rule is no longer a requirement, by action of the Executive Committee on March 14, 2011: “Eligibility is restricted to individuals whose contributions have not been specifically recognized by another ACS of Division of Analytical Chemistry Award.”


1998: Henry N. Blount, III
1999: Wilbur D. (Dub) Shults
2000: Roland F. Hirsch
2001: Willie E. May
2002: Donald Bly
2003: Fred M. Hawkridge
2004: Mary A. Kaiser

2005: Frank A. Guthrie
2006: Edwin 'Ted' Becker
2007: Ray E. Clement
2008: O. David Sparkman
2009: Edward S. Yeung
2010: Royce W. Murray

2011: Ted Kuwana
2012: Gary Hieftje
2013: (no award given)
2014: Chris Enke
2015: William R. Heineman
2016: M. Bonner Denton

2017: Frances S. Ligler