ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry

Award in Electrochemistry

Advancing the field of electrochemical analysis in one or more of the following:

  • Conceptualization and development of unique instrumentation that has made a significant impact on the field.
  • Development of novel and important instrumentation.
  • Elucidation of fundamental events or processes important to the field.
  • Authorship of important research papers and/or books that have had an influential role in the development of the field.

This Award consists of a plaque and $2500. The latter may be used to help defray travel expenses associated with the recipient's participation in the Division's award ceremony (typically held at the ACS fall National Meeting each year) which are not covered separately by the Division.


1988: Allen J. Bard
1989: Ralph N. Adams
1990: Royce W. Murray
1991: Robert A. Osteryoung
1992: Gary A. Rechnitz
1993: Keith Oldham
1994: Fred Anson
1995: Theodore Kuwana
1996: Janet G. Osteryoung
1997: Stanley Bruckenstein

1998: Stephen W. Feldberg
1999: Michael Weaver
2000: Richard L. McCreery
2001: R. Mark Wightman
2002: (no award given)
2003: Mark E. Meyerhoff
2004: Henry S. White
2005: Erno Pretsch
2006: Joseph Wang
2007: Hector D. Abruna

2008: Richard Crooks
2009: James F. Rusling
2010: Charles R. Martin
2011: Dennis H. Evans
2012: Joseph Hupp
2013: Andrew Ewing
2014: Debra Rolison
2015: George S. Wilson
2016: Reginald Penner

2017: Paul W. Bohn