ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry

J. Calvin Giddings Award for Excellence in Education

Enhancing the personal and professional development of students in the study of analytical chemistry in one or more of the following ways:

  • Authorship of an influential textbook for an analytical chemistry course.
  • Design and implementation of a successful new approach to teaching analytical chemistry.
  • Stimulation through teaching or research mentorship a significant number of students to become analytical chemists.
  • Development and publication of innovative experiments.
  • Design of improved equipment for teaching labs.
  • Publication of widely quoted articles on teaching analytical chemistry. role in the use of chemical instrumentation.

This Award consists of a plaque and $2500. The latter may be used to help defray travel expenses associated with the recipient's participation in the Division's award ceremony (typically held at the ACS fall National Meeting each year) which are not covered separately by the Division.


1983: Isaac M. Kolthoff
1984: Howard V. Malmstadt
1985: Lockhart B. Rogers
1986: Herbert A. Laitinen
1987: Henry Freiser
1988: Gary D. Christian
1989: Theodore R. Williams
1990: Dennis G. Peters
1991: Richard W. Ramette
1992: Douglas A. Skoog
1993: John P. Walters
1994: Galen Ewing

1995: James Winefordner
1996: Stanley R. Crouch
1997: William R. Heineman
1998: Gary M. Hieftje
1999: Thomas J. Wenzel
2000: Harold M. McNair
2001: Howard Strobel
2002: James Taylor
2003: Christie G. Enke
2004: Theodore Kuwana
2005: Frank A. Settle
2006: Alanah Fitch

2007: Cynthia K. Larive
2008: Yinfa Ma
2009: Daniel C. Harris
2010: Lawrence W. Potts
2011: Fred E. Lytle
2012: George Wilson
2013: Peter Carr
2014: Joseph Gardella
2015: Purnendu (Sandy) K. Dasgupta
2016 David Harvey

2017: Kevin A. Schug