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Certification of Analytical Chemists and Laboratories

The National Registry of Certified Chemists (NRCC) is cosponsored by the American Chemical Society and other organizations in the clinical, environmental, and forensic disciplines. It offers certification examinations for Environmental Analytical Chemist, Environmental Analytical Technician, Clinical Chemist, Clincal Chemist Technologist, Toxicological Chemist, and Chemical Hygiene Officer. The examinations are offered at a variety of sites, including ACS National Meetings.

Resource Centers

The Analytical Chemistry Springboard a comprehensive compilation of links to all kinds of resources for analytical chemistry, maintained by Prof. Knut Irgum, University of Umea, Sweden. 


High Performance Computing Centers:

Instrumentation Resources:


Several databases provide access to genomic information, a field to which analytical chemistry is making major contributions. Most of the databases provide general information on their home pages for the newcomer to the field. Among the sources of databases are: